What is (not) there II 45 minutes
commission of s201 (Fl, Ob, Cl, Acc, Vc, mobile phones and old videos)
Premiere: 27.10.2021

About the work: 
The fragments of sound we listen to are parts of something that was created somewhere else by someone, and by constructing them, we as composers might create a story. It could be said that creation is an attempt to make something which someone else has made look like your own, like a new invention. Every time I encounter a part that I have made so far, I am keenly aware that this part was made by someone other than me. This may be because I am not the majority in the history of Western music. So far, I have been researching to create my own unique sound, in this work I made a completely different challenge. I decided to acknowledge the place of each harmony within myself, and to take each sound that resonates within an existing work and put it in a different context. The construction of the work is simple, the process of moving from one chord to the other is as slow as looking through a microscope. Each note is like a thin sheet of paper, overlapping and gradually changing. 

für Wanderer for ensemble (2021) 8 minutes 
Chamber Ensemble (Fl, Ob, Cl, Per, Pf, Vn, Va, Vc)

Premiere: Recorded live on 9.6.2021 by Divertimento Ensemble
About the work:
This piece, "für Wanderer" is actually not for the audience in a concert hall, it is music for the audience to walk while humming through. Music and sports have been related since ancient times. A lot of music contains internal movement. Because of this kinetic nature, when we listen to music, we feel as if our bodies are also moving. In this piece, I focused on this characteristic of music and tried to capture musical internal mobility from a different perspective. It was an experiment to see how the relationship between the two would change by eliminating the kinetic nature of the music as much as possible and allowing the listener to move themselves.

Tatami und Seiza für Streichinstrumente 6' (2021)
Any String Instruments

Laufen Etüde 6' (2021)
Violin und Violoncello

Cities and Signs 7' (2020)
Flute and prepared Guitar
Commission of Tsunehito Tsuchihash and Hiroko Matsumoto
Premiere: 23.5.2021


What is (not) there for Koto, Guitar and Reading books  12' (2019)
Guitar, Koto (17 strings or 25 strings)
Commission of Norio Sato, Maya Kimura (紡ぐ糸)

Premiere: 5.7.2020 in Oumigakudo


Shiori  12' (2019)
Horn, Viola
Commission of the Project "mind the gap"
Horn: delphine gauthier-guiche
Viola: Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg

Geschmolzehe Heimat 精緻な都市 10' (2018-2019)
Flute, Clarinet, Viola
Commission of Takefu International Music Festival

About the work(written in 2019):
This work, titled "Geschmolzene Heimat" taken from Italo Calvino's "Invisible Cities" is related to my recent interest in the concept of hometown.  The meaning of "hometown" changes from person to person, depending on their environment. I was born in Nagano, then moved to Tokyo, Austria, and now I am living in Germany. I suddenly remembered my childhood and tried to find it on Google Maps, but there was no trace of that time in the photo. I can no longer see the white clover that used to bloom in the vacant lot next to the company housing. What is "home"?

Ohne Kolophonium für Klarinette in Bb, Violine, Aufnahmegeräte und 10 tägliche 10-Minuten
松脂なしで ~クラリネットとバイオリン、録音機材と10日間10分間のための (2019) 10'

Commission of Karin Nakayama (Violine), Kyusang Jeong (Klarinettte)

AQUA HOUSES (2019) アクアの団地

clarinet in Bb, steel strings-guitar with e-bow, piano with fishing line plus flute, qanoun, percussion with tropical fish equipment, with a tick plastic drinking straw preparated violin and cello

About the work:
The Japanese title of the work is “aqua no danchi” (in Eng.: AQUA HOUSES) and the meaning of the Danchi (団地 literally "group land") is a large cluster of apartment buildings of a particular style and design. It was mostly built as public housing by Japanese government authorities because of the radical change and the growth of population after the second world war. Danchi is often seen from the mid- 1950s, when the cities have to been destructed, and that time the economic was also changed very rapidly. Last time, when I visited to Cairo first time and saw the city, the landscape with large scale of the apartment with many families reminds me kind of Japanese “Danchi” and the modern and old city view made me think a lot and this is the starting point for my imaginal journey. In the work, there are two groups: one of the main ensemble is formed by mainly Clarinet, Steel-Guitar with E-Bow accompanied bowed piano. The function of the main group is to create an acoustic thin film or membrate with a subtle harmonic perfume. Another one is flute, qanoun, percussion with tropical fish equipment, preparated violin and cello. This group help the main group mainly, sometimes push unconsciously in a certain direction like a wind coming from behind.

Commission of European-Egyptian Contemporary Music Society
Premiere: Cairo Contemporary Music Days 2019 NORDIC

Trapeze's waiting (2018)
for Clarinet and Steel Guitar with E-Bow

Metall, Glas und Holz (2018)
percussion quartet
Cooperation with Frames Percussion

Nue für Klavier mit Ensemble und persönlichen Erinnerungen der Spieler (2017) 
fl, cl, vn, va, vc, per, pf, koto, mobile-video, priv. photos
Cooperation with International Ensemble Modern Akademie, Gaudeamus Muziekweek

Die fortdauernden Städte für Streichquartett, persönliche Erinnerungsstücke der Objektspieler und Projektor (2017) 
string quartet, free short text, priv. photos, tracing paper, pencil, projector
Commission of Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik

Fanfare für Straßenbau (2017) 
brass quintet
Commission of Musik 21 Festival in Hannover

Unter dem Boden (2017) 
fl, cl, vn, va, vc, per, pf, free text, projector
Cooperation with International Ensemble Modern Akademie

In my room (2016) 
fl, va, gt, hrp, toy-obj, pf and page turner
Commission of Riot Ensemble

kuchiwo fusaguno wa dare? (2016) 
vn, va, vc, cb, koto, gayageum
Commission of Asianart Ensemble

With half-closed-eyes II (2016) 
gt, vn, trb, cb, pf

Color Study (2015) 
ob, 2 Cl, 2 fg, 2 hr, Trp
Commission of Klangforum Wien

Inner Cloud (2015) 
daegeum (or fl.), cl, vn, va, vc, cb, pf
Commission of Asian Composers Showcase, TIMF Ensemble (Korea)

Strobo (2014) 

fl, cl, vn, va, vc, pf

Impersonate (2014) 

fl, vn
Cooperation with Karin Hellqvist (Violin) and Yumi Murakami (Flute)


Clockwork for guitar, cello and percussion (2013) 
gt, vc, perc

nonoji (2013) 
3 perc score

Mono-Dianlogue III (2012) 
2 fl

ver_flies_sen (2012) 

Piano Trio
Score (Universal Edition)

KatAmaRI (2012) 
sho, cembalo

merry go round for my lady (2011) 

gt, marimba, pf

String Quartet #1 (2011) 
string quartet

Kontraktion für Violine, Violoncello und Klavier (2011) 

vn, vc, pf

Tierkreis (2010) 
2 pf

Poppit Pop-it (2010) 
fl, cl, vn, vc, perc, pf

Tick-tack-tick (2010) 
vn, pf
Traces of Other_digest from DAISUKE NAGAOKA on Vimeo.

Leeres Geschwätz für Koto und Klavier (2010) 
Koto, pf